Palmistry and marriage

Can palmistry tell me when I will get married?
Is it possible to see if I will have an arranged or a love marriage?
Can I know if my marriage or relationship will be a happy one?
Can the hands tell if there will be a divorce in the life?

These are just some of the questions that are commonly faced by palm readers, and they try and answer these questions through the use of love or arranged marriage palmistry, which can shed more light on this subject. This is based on the study of the marriage lines and love lines that are found on the palm. The understanding of these lines depends on the expertise of the reader.

Love marriage palmistry refers to the study of the Love Line or the marriage line which can provide several clues that relate to marriage or to love relationships. In palmistry love lines start from outside the palm and extend into the palm towards the Mount of Mercury. They may be in the form of light, fine horizontal lines or maybe long, clear lines. Many marriage lines do not necessarily mean multiple marriages. These may indicate affairs that are not deep commitments. One long, clear line suggests a long-standing and happy marriage or commitment. When there is more than one long, deep line, the lower one is thought to describe the earlier relationship in the person's life.

The marriage line in palmistry could have many different interpretations based on its appearance. For example, a straight marriage line indicates an enduring romance or marriage. If the marriage line bends nearer the heart line, it may represent a negative influence on the marriage or health worries for the partner. Alternatively, a marriage line bending towards the little finger may indicate the good health of the partner.

In palmistry marriage lines can also give you a very fair idea of the age at the time of marriage. When marriage line lies close to the line of heart, the union will be early, between ages fourteen to twenty. When the line it is near the centre of the mount of Mercury, between twenty one or twenty eight. When it is three quarters up the mount of Mercury, the likely age for marriage lies between twenty-eight and thirty-five and so on.

Other indicators are, lines running beneath the love line indicate a partner who is likely to be unfaithful. Secondary lines that rise above from the marriage line represent an absolutely happy and fulfilling marriage.

According to indian palmistry marriage line having any marks is considered to be a negative sign. Small, fine marks along the marriage line may suggest an indulgence in extra-marital affairs. A cross-life marking on the marriage line could mean a divorce or broken marriage. An island mark on the line could indicate unhappiness and dissatisfaction in the marriage. But the worst indicator could be a marriage line that ends in a star-symbol. This could indicate a marriage that is likely to end in great bitterness and anger

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